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Consulting to architects builders

We have earned a impeccable repute in our domain knowledge of Solar Thermal Systems. Our services include Consulting, Designing, surveying, Marketing, Installation & Commissioning of Solar Water Heaters. We also undertake repairing & maintenance work. We provide consultancy & all other allied services for installation of solar water heaters. Advantages of keeping provisions of installation of solar water heaters at initial stage.
Considering the current energy crises government has started making installation of solar water heaters mandatory for residential & commercial complex. If we include the provision of installation of solar water heating system at the planning level there are many advantages.

* It reduces the time for installation
* By keeping the provision at the designing level, we could construct the buildings aesthetically sound, in fact we could plan installation of solar panels so as to add more majesty to the buildings.
* Rework can be avoided.
* Installations conditions became mare precise so that it becomes more economical & easy for tendering mechanisms & offer comparisons.
There are many advantages, when you install Solar Water Heaters for your schemes.
***Hot water is everyday need of any common man, by providing it as an extra amenity to your schemes, your housing
projects gets extra Attention of prospective customers.
*** You are contributing towards national energy saving.
*** Suitable loan schemes available @ 2 % reducing balance for 5 years.
*** If the solar panels are installed as a roof like structure on the terrace, Terrace can become a shelter & can
be utilized for other purpose. In the recent past, We have done this type of installations.
We hope you will find it important to make the provisions by availing our consultancy & allied services.

Energy ,time, labor saving machines for food , agro industries, industries.

Services for communities, organizations, Hotel industries etc.
1)  Studying applicability of solar systems (water heaters, large scale solar cookers, solar dryers for fruits and vegetables)
2)  Manufacturing, installation, commissioning of solar energy devices as per applicability. Services for industries.
1) Evaluating and examine the process on the ground of fuel, labor, time, efficiency.
2)  Studying difficulties of current manufacturing process.
3)  Designing proper manufacturing process (without disturbing the characteristics of the material) which is time, labor and fuel saving.
4)  Designing and manufacturing special purpose machines required for the new process.
5)  Installation and commissioning of machines.
Pulp, liquid, drying
Cylindrical drying for wet powders , kismis etc.
West heat recovery and utilization systems for furnace
Roasting , drying , mixing , machines for food industries.

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